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  Soft Skull Press published my first book of poems, Logicalogics, in 2005.
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Order from Soft Skull


The Logic of Thunder (Between Rounds, 1898-99) Shampoo 15
The Logic of Secrecy (Long Version) Lit 6
Snookered Unpleasant Event Schedule
New York In Spring Time Unpleasant Event Schedule
This Area Under Surveillance: (Snookered Remix) Unpleasant Event Schedule
Porno:Canto #11 Shampoo 18
c o n :(a t ):t r i t e Cross X Connect #16
Porno:Canto #9 La Petit Zine 14
The Logic of Mourning Slope 9
Avocados Zuzu's Petals Quarterly #18
Logic of Master Can We Have Our Ball Back #10